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    Paia offers for this collection Spring / Summer the designer Alix Colombani. This designer created her brand in 2005 and offers tote bags and pouches both aesthetic and practical. All the pieces are entirely made in Corsican workshops by Alix Colombani herself. From the choice of materials to the confection up to the strip of paint on the center ... 100% Made in Corsica. Our favorite !


    Anderson's is a brand founded by M. Carlo Valentin in 1960. He began to learn the art of making belts in a famous factory in Parma. He stay 6 years to learn the work of leather. In 1966, he decided to start his own business. All belts is made with this quality know-how transmitted from generation to generation. That's why all Anderson's products are entirely handmade in Italy with the top quality of  leather.


    ANINE BING was launched in 2012 with headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

    Inspired by the fusion of Scandinavian heritage and American spirit, ANINE BING offers luxurious staples, wardrobe basics and statement pieces that are current and timeless.

    Creative director Anine Bing thoughtfully curates each piece in her 'see now buy now' monthly collections where she marries edgy and feminine in a soft meets hard design approach.

    To this date, ANINE BING is sold in more than 300 boutiques world wide. Eight ANINE BING flagship stores can be found in Los Angeles, New York, Antwerp, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin and of course in Paia General Store at Lattes and on


    Created in 2011, the Anthology Paris brand is in constant search for authenticity, purity and sophistication. Classics revisited, light forms in strong peausseries, carefully selected in France or Italy. All Anthology Paris shoes are born in small workshops in Portugal. They are made by marvelous craftsmen, with love and rigor.


    Batik - This technique of fabric printing is more than a thousand years old.  Hand-carved wooden stamps or "block prints" are used to print materials. This requires patience and attention to detail. A multicolour motif uses as many stamps as there are colors. By continuing to use this kind of production, far removed from industrial rollers, ANTIK BATIK allows an ancestral skill to continue and become better known. To this Gabriella Cortese, the founder, add the word Antik "for rhyme and because it sounds good in all languages".


    At the intersection of performance and street chic,ASFVLT SNEAKERS combine the passion of perfect craftsmanship, attention to detail and advanced construction techniques. Blending both function and fashion, they strive for the pursuit of excellence and are committed to use the finest materials and high end finishes.


    ASTORFLEX - The Italian brand 100% fair-trend. Indeed the brand has been advocating for more than 200 years the quality of its know-how and especially the quality of these products. The brand was founded by Alfredo and Bettino Travenzoli. 6 generations later, the factory is still based in Italy in the area of ​​Mantova in Castel d'Ario. On the program, only natural materials (vegetable tanned leather, water-based glue, outer soles of natural latex ...) As you can see, this is an exceptional product but very comfortable and affordable. Our favorite AW17!


    Founded in 1962, Atelier Voisin is deeply anchored in the heritage of the Mimouni family in which the art of shoemaking has been passed down from father to son since 1880. The house Atelier Voisin also relies on the savoir-faire and the highest standards of its team of specialized craftsmen, stylists, closers and last-makers to make of each shoe that comes out of the Belleville (former shoemaking hub in Paris) workshop a token of the French bootmaking legacy.

    Buying Atelier Voisin shoes is choosing unequaled comfort and lasting, timeless quality.


    Baracuta is an English brand created in 1937 by Miller brother's. In the 1930s, the two brothers are golf lovers, they created a waterproof sports jacket baptized the G9. This jacket has conquered New York through dance floors and football stadiums. He is nicknamed Harrington G9 thanks to the character of Rodney Harrington who wears the jacket in all the episodes of "Peyton Place", a great American series. This jacket became world famous, and was worn by many icons such as Elvis, Steve McQueen, Daniel Craig. The "Harrington" is the flagship product of the English brand, and goes through all the eras. The brand also offers an interesting textile collection with cardigans and sweaters.


    The Barbour story began in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Today the 5th generation family owned business remains in the read, with Barbour's headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields. Although it sources products from around the globe, Barbour's classic wax jackets are still manufactured by hand in the factory in Simonside and each year over 100,000 jackets are processed via the central, subsidiary and local customer service operations.


    'Be by Cat' is a brand born in 2013 from a trip to the end of the world. Each Keshi pearl is unique in its shape and its black, gray, green, rosy reflections; made entirely of mother-of-pearl, it is formed when the oyster rejects the graft. The sweetness of Keshis pearls from Tahiti with the wild side of raw pyrite. All collections are imagined, created and made in the brand's workshops in the heart of Aix-en-Provence.


    Salman Khan, the biggest actor of the Indian film industry, founded Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation in 2007. 

    The purpose of the Foundation was to provide education and healthcare support to the underprivileged. In doing so, Salman Khan demonstrated his values with great generosity. Contributors and the Indian population have all identified with his action and the positive values generated by the Foundation. Being Human Clothing embodies six positive, simple and humane values: love, care, share, hope, help and joy - binding these values in a bond of respect.


    The Miki is not a cap, because it does not have a visor to prevent the wind. Nor is it a cap, because it does not cover the ears to listen to the wind. It keeps warm to keep a cool head ... The typical Breton sailor hat: an immortal classic
    A few waves on the bitumen, CONCRETE WAX passes without transition from the sea to the city ... BETON WIRE has chosen to revisit the "miki breton". Halfway between the hat and the cap, unisex and timeless, the authentic hat of sailor is made by artisans hatters, in France. For the sake of detail and finish, all models are characterized by their leather tongue and tone-on-tone embroidery.


    Very dandy, the Man BILLTORNADE is noticeable in his elegance, his modernity and his sophisticated ease. Clothing are slim, perfectly adjusted, meeting the requirements of a particularly sharp clientele. Hardly 20 years old, Francis and José Ronez decide to create a company, to develop a brand. Both brothers agree on the name of BILLTORNADE, reference to a famous cowboy of the 50s, evocation of their childhood, memory of the carefreeness. Their first collections make their entrance during a concerts. At that time, BILLTORNADE establishes its districts to Saint Germain, goes alongside to the showbiz and imposes more and more its avant-gardist, smart and uncluttered style. 1990 raises a decisive turning point for the brand: collections begin to develop at the industrial level, a shop settles down Street Etienne Marcel, so reaching the heart of Paris: BILLTORNADE seizes the market, its name circulates, its lines display. The brand continues to dress the artists, its timeless state of mind, its relaxed style adapting itself to the personalities of each. The followers of BILLTORNADE are unanimous on the quality of its creations, faithful to this brand which satisfies them since when they adopted her: the style BILLTORNADE collects all the ages through at the same time sober and modern collections, with this touch of inimitable refinement. BILLTORNADE is the expression of a creative French image and a quality.


    Bleu de Chauffe workshop is located in Aveyron, just near by Millau and the famous viaduc (France). The cutting, fabrication and stitching are hand-made by qualified artisans renowned for their skill, experience and expertise. Bleu de Chauffe bags are the best example of what our workshops have to offer.


    Booteleggers wild turquoise is the story of Franck, offering us a 100% French bran. The production is entirely realized in France. Franck is a fan of the United States and its history. Freedom, wilderness, canyons, Indian tribes, authenticity ...


    Because time passes quickly, and because sometimes it's just the right moment for a change of course, and because you really have to follow your dreams, Brice Jaunet created his own brand of watches after 15 years in the watchmaking industry. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit since early childhood and the legacy of his grandfather Jacques, co-founder of the NewMan brand in 1967, Brice has always nursed the ambition of bringing his creativity to life. So in 2012 he set out with several Swiss designer friends to create a watch brand that reflected his personality, his thoughts and his research. Brice Jaunet wanted to create a beautiful and authentic yet affordable timepiece.


    Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Created in 2004, the timeless and clean design of the Brixton collection is hard to duplicate and comes in a variety of modern yet traditional styles. Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing you a high quality and limited product that you'll want to hold onto forever.


    Founded in 1974 by Mauro Sani, who set out to make the best riding boots in the world. Buttero remains owned and managed by the Sani family. Buttero's soul is tied to Tuscany. The shoe has always been and will always be made in this enchanting region of Italy. Buttero builds shoes with a passion for tradition, creativity and authenticity: the Buttero brand is a symbol of quality. The brand is renowned around the world for its high quality leather riding boots, handmade by craftsmen from Stabbia (Tuscany). Buttero uses the best local leathers with a vegetable tanning, which age beautifully, like the wine of the region.


    Hamilton Carhartt & Co is an American company founded in 1889, initially specialized in the manufacture of work clothes. The historic and emblematic models of the brand are jackets, trousers and dungarees in "cotton duck", a thick cotton canvas often ocher-brown. Nowadays, CARHARTT Work In Progres


  • CLAE

    CLAE’s commitment to innovation and design has yielded a distinct collection of smart essentials for the modern man. Taking extra steps by using premium leathers and materials, and emphasizing uncommon comfort and versatility, CLAE creates footwear that evolves and endures.


    CLUSE watches are produced with attention and care, with a strong focus on materials, quality and style. In their office in Amsterdam, they have their atelier with specialized watchmakers for quality control and repair, to assure the quality of each new model they launch.

    Timepieces that aspire to be part of people who are conscious about their style. A CLUSE watch brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit. CLUSE is there not only to indicate time, but to define your best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity.



    Sébastien Germès and Camille Levai were always attracted by the art, the creation and her holidays is a big part of their inspiration. Attentive to the world which surrounds them and encouraged by happy meetings, it's quite naturally that at the beginning of 2012 sees being born the most beautiful of their projects .CRAIE. a French brand of leather craft and shoes in the soft name calling back the blackboard.

    The leather is their material of preference, and it is with patience that they are going to look for the best quality, to tame it and to reinvent him. Used leathers are exclusively developed for collections Chalk, by Camille and Sébastien; in partnership with tanners in France, in Italy and in Morocco. Their meticulous work shows for them hours spent in the heart of workshops.


    Inspired by his new acquaintance’s timeless style, Filip decided to create his own line of watches. Minimalistic and refined, the classic design with interchangeable straps truly has wide-ranging appeal. Now a few years later, this design is still an important part of what makes Daniel Wellington so special.


    Established in 2009, Dark Seas purposefully has no mission statement. They simply exist to provide coastal explorers with a quality alternative to the sea of sameness. 


    DENHAM the Jeanmaker was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by Jason Denham, an English jeanmaker who’s obsessed with creating premium quality denim. The brand has since expanded to offer a full range of collections for men and women including outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories. Additional categories include children’s jeans and tops, footwear and eyewear.


    Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) roared into Australia’s cultural consciousness in 2006. Deus ex Machina is a step bigger than a brand: it’s a culture. Deus (“day-us”) didn’t set out only to sell custom parts and hand-built motorcycles, but to celebrate a culture of creativity. The Deus philosophy recalls an era before the various pursuits of fun – motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever


    Diega is a brand created in 2011 by Carole Petit. The name Diega, inspired by a song by Michel Berger is the expression of a true state of mind: to be free in his head. The collections come from a mix of men's and vintage fashion, with fancy and ethnic prints. The cuts are simple and fall perfectly and the natural materials like cotton, linen and silk ....


    Since its creation in 1978, Diesel has experienced extraordinary growth and has evolved from being a leading pioneer in denim into the world of premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market. Diesel’s philosophy has remained the same as the day of its creation: Renzo Rosso had envisaged a brand that would stand for passion, individuality and self-expression. Diesel thrives on change: it produces no less than 3,000 new products every season and each one derives from a process of enormous creative freedom, ensuring constant innovation.


    Create by Frédéric Tokatlian, Drolatic is a brand of ready-to-wear clothing, cool, inspired and a and a bit offbeat!. Collections were imperative as the seasons go by as the cloakroom of preference of bohemias sporty in search of a light and relaxed silhouette while playing with the codes of the oversize. The spirit Drolatic is a mix of trendy and of elegance. Since 2004, collections make more and more sharp. They fill out to become the major BASIC of our wardrobe: sweatshirt, T-shirt, dress, long skirt, pants way jogging, jacket …



    Edwin is an authentic denim brand priding itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, unique technology, hand wash processes, and continual progression in design and fit.


    Edwin Watch was created to develop Edwin denim heritage, which results in a classic design, good quality and affordable watches. Inspired by the lifestyle of the skaters, vintage barbers, tattoo artists, bikers, blue collar, great musicians or artists who meet to fraternize and exchange together under one roof as in the barbershop of the 1950s.


    El Campero is a brand created in 1960 in Tuscany, the center of Italian footwear and leather goods. The mark uses only natural skins tanned with vegetable extracts. The shadows and differences in tones confirm the authenticity of craftsmanship and give each products unique beauty. You will be able to wear your El Campero shoes at any occasion, but being made of natural skin, remain sensitive to water and light ... 100% Made in Tuscany!

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