3D secure : what is it ?

For more security for your online payment by credit card

3D secure is a new process of secure payment on Internet imposed and made compulsory by banks.
Established since October 2008, this system allows an identification of the cardholder, in order to avoid fraud, especially a bank card theft.
It's true that this system complicates a little the payment, but this process, avoids at the same time the use of stolen bank cards which represented on our site an unfortunately very important number of commands before Installation of this module.
3D secure concerns only credit card payments. When you make a purchase on Internet, after complete the information concerning your bank card, you are redirected towards the website of your bank. The procedure is specific for every bank.
3DSecure is called "Verified by Visa" for Visa and "SecureCode" for Mastercard.

verified by visaMastercard Securecode

New process : Moving on the website of your bank

This is the different steps of the payment process :

1 - you make your online purchase.
2 - During payment process, you enter the details of your credit card.
3 - Theses informations are transmitted to your bank. Then, the bank check your informations.
4 -Your bank check that the authentication is done and then performs the usual checks to complete the transaction before you return to the merchant site.

étapes 3D secure

The different procedures according to your bank:

- Crédit Mutuel and CIC (informations) : You will have to authenticate yourself using your "personal key card" (a code grid to which you must draw the right code according to the row and the column requested by the website) that you can ask for Your bank if it has not already sent it to you.
- Banque Postale, Banque Populaire (informations), Axa Banque and Caisse d'Épargne (Informations) : You must indicate your date of birth.
- BNP-Paribas (informations), Société Générale (informations) : You will have to validate using a single-use "security code" transmitted by SMS, transmitted on a mobile number that you have previously registered with your bank.
- Crédit Agricole (informations), LCL (informations), Groupama (informations) : You will have to enter your personal code when is requested. If you don't have a personal code, you will be asked to create one during your first purchase on a website using 3D secure.

Paypal, what is it ?

Paypal is the leader in online payment and allows users to receive or send payments online to other users. Like banking system, Paypal allows you to make transfers between users, and your account will allow you to make online purchase or transfer your money to your usual bank account.

.Paypal is secure ?


PayPal helps to protect your credit card information with the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never communicated to the merchant.

.What I win with this ?

The process is that you enter your credit card informations on Paypal, between this, and only one time : you will never have to re-enter your credit card informations for your online payment.
So, we have chose to use PayPal to offer you a better purchase : Very useful and secured, PayPal is a solid payment alternative
The principle of operation is that you enter your bank details once on Paypal website and once only : you will never have to inform them again when you make your purchases online.
We therefore logically integrate Paypal as a payment solution to offer you the best purchasing conditions : both practical and secure, Paypal presents itself as a solid payment alternative.

.Yes, but how I open an PayPal account ?

Open a Paypal account is very easy and is done in 4 steps. Just go to the website and follow the instructions given to you.
1 - On the home page, click on "Open Account" button at the top left.
2 - Fill out the registration form.
3 - Fill in your bank details (this is the only time Paypal will ask you for them)
4 - Validate, you now have a Paypal account and you just have to pay money to start shopping online!

If you are still lost then, you can call us :, we will be happy to help you!

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