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Very dandy, the Man BILLTORNADE is noticeable in his elegance, his modernity and his sophisticated ease. Clothing are slim, perfectly adjusted, meeting the requirements of a particularly sharp clientele. Hardly 20 years old, Francis and José Ronez decide to create a company, to develop a brand. Both brothers agree on the name of BILLTORNADE, reference to a famous cowboy of the 50s, evocation of their childhood, memory of the carefreeness. Their first collections make their entrance during a concerts. At that time, BILLTORNADE establishes its districts to Saint Germain, goes alongside to the showbiz and imposes more and more its avant-gardist, smart and uncluttered style. 1990 raises a decisive turning point for the brand: collections begin to develop at the industrial level, a shop settles down Street Etienne Marcel, so reaching the heart of Paris: BILLTORNADE seizes the market, its name circulates, its lines display. The brand continues to dress the artists, its timeless state of mind, its relaxed style adapting itself to the personalities of each. The followers of BILLTORNADE are unanimous on the quality of its creations, faithful to this brand which satisfies them since when they adopted her: the style BILLTORNADE collects all the ages through at the same time sober and modern collections, with this touch of inimitable refinement. BILLTORNADE is the expression of a creative French image and a quality.

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